Shipping & Delivery Terms

Updated 1st April 2020




How does Segar2You ship products?

1.     Segar2You works with wholesalers & suppliers who have their own warehousing and logistics facilities.

2.     In general, orders take 3-5 business days after payment is made. Please note that certain suppliers have the additional benefit to support weekend shipping but customers must refer to individual supplier profiles.

3.     Stock-checking and delivery is provided by the supplier and facilitated using the Segar2You platform to communicate with customers.

4.     When you receive a quotation, please note the payment period and the estimated delivery date on the quotation.

5.     Estimated delivery dates are a best estimate, and may differ according to traffic or logistics availability.

6.     Once payment has been made according to the payment period, any changes from the estimated delivery date will be communicated directly to the customer.

Special Delivery Conditions

1.     Special requirements for delivery must be communicate to the supplier.

2.     This includes:

a.     Located in a shopping mall with a loading bay and strict timing.

b.     Delivery to a housing area (non-commercial zone)

3.     Communication of these special requirements must be made via Segar2You platform before the quotation is issued via our messaging system or notes when requesting for a quotation (RFQ).

4.     Suppliers reserve the right to reject orders with the following requirements

a.     Multiple delivery locations

b.     Delivery locations not as specified in quotations.

Free Delivery

  1. All deliveries are FREE and are available when the order has reached or exceeds MOQ.


  1. At this point, Segar2You does not support self-pickups.